Alternative Treatment for Anti-Aging

The search for eternal youth and longevity is not a new one. From stories such as the “Fountain of Youth” and “The Picture of Dorian Gray” youth has been idealized, and yet, prolonged youth has been feared for its unnatural implications. This is one of the major reasons plastic surgery often gets strange gazes from onlookers. However, there are ways to elongate your life, and there are alternative treatments for achieving this. Ironically enough, these alternative treatments are actually one of the most natural things people can do and use, and are resources that our right in front of our faces.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise is so important for a youthful life. When you exercise, so many good things happen to the body. It promotes strength, which you need to feel youthful. But it also makes you a happier human being, thanks to endorphins. It even reduces stress. Stress is a huge component to aging. If you take two twins, for example, and have one live under significantly more stressful conditions than the other, one will end up looking older than the other. Eliminating stress, thus, through exercise, works against the aging process.

Detoxifying Foods

Similar to stress, a body that holds on to toxins also ages the body. As a result, it is most important to include anti-oxidant foods such as blueberries and acai berries. These work similar to Botox, and they are much more effective and inexpensive in the long run.

Green tea is also an anti-aging product that should be looked into. Originally from China, it is a fantastic tea that should be taken daily. To have this tea, all one needs to do is steep for a couple of minutes, and drink. Green tea is also effective in weight loss in dangerous regions such as the abdominal area. Indian ginger tea also has similar effects.


It is important to take care of your skin, especially if you are looking for as youthful of a look as possible. Of course, anti-aging is all about feeling young, too. One great way to encourage a youthful looking skin is exfoliation. Not only does exfoliation encourage blood blow to the face, giving you a nice blush: it also brushes off dead skin that can leave your skin looking grey and dry looking. You do not need expensive skin care either. Make home remedies of sugar and lemon, or oatmeal and honey, for example, and apply on your skin for new, revitalized skin.


People have busy lives: that much is true. As a result, we do not get enough sleep. However, get enough sleep, and not only do you feel better, you are able to do work much faster. Most importantly, it is during sleep that we repair our bodies. If you do not get enough sleep, it can put stress on the body, which we know ages it.

On a morbid note, a test was done on cats. In this test, they continually woke up the cats as they were getting into their REM cycle of sleep. As a result, they died. Simply put: we need sleep! Make sure you are getting enough. It could literally kill you.

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