Alternative Treatment for Asthma

Asthma is a condition that can be diagnosed in even the youngest of people. It can be inherited, and it can be acquired. Either way, there are many treatments out there. Thankfully, quite a number of those many treatments are alternative, more natural treatments that are gentler on the body and much more affordable.

Indian tobacco and Cayenne Pepper

If you have an acute version of asthma, tobacco can actually be beneficial, but only if it is Indian tobacco, which is scientifically named a Lobelia inflate. If one with asthma was to mix three parts with one part cayenne papper, and mix in twenty drops of water, it can be very effective, especially when violent attacks begin to occur. It is good to repeat this process periodically 3 to 4 times in an occurrence. Wait 30 minutes before each administration.

Diet Changes

In the long run, it is important for those with asthma to reduce their intake of protein by ten percent. It is necessary to replace any animal protein with plant protein. For highest results, opt for a vegan, high plant-based protein diet. Those with asthma should also eliminate polyunsaturated vegetable oils, vegetable shorting, and many other related oils and acids that put more pressure on the system. If someone with asthma were to take in oil, let that be olive oil, and no other kind. Taking omega-3 fatty acids are also beneficial for someone with asthma. It is prudent to drink water: at least your weight in ounces.

People with asthma also may have sensitivities to gluten. They may not be sensitive to all gluten, however. The client should try to eliminate one at a time to pinpoint the problem. Once it is pinpointed, eliminate that from the diet. This should also show improvements in breathing. If a client with asthma also suffers from inflammation, an alternative treatment would be to take turmeric and ginger daily in their diet.

Something to Avoid

It is also very wise to avoid any sort of air filled with smoke, and any sort of air that is irritating to the lungs. In extreme cases, if this client lives in an urban environment, it would be necessary for them to move to a more remote area.

The Importance of Exercise

Many people with asthma refrain from exercise because it can irritate breathing. However, it is most crucial that this individual engage in some sort of exercise. In time, counter to most beliefs, physical exercise will allow that person to have stronger lungs and better breathing. It will also minimize exercise-induced symptoms such as coughing. In fact, many athletes that are the top in their game had asthma earlier in life and where able to conquer those symptoms through their exercise.

Asthma is a condition that unfortunately allows too many people with it to disengage from many life activities. Although many people with asthma think that exercise should be limited, the opposite is true. Asthma can also be truly helped with a change of diet. Avoid any kind of harsh air. All these tips are some of the most effective alternative treatments for asthma.

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