Alternative Treatment for Dementia

Unfortunately, if you or a loved one has acquired dementia, western treatment in a hospital or facility can be very expensive. These western treatments can sometimes never be the cure. In worst scenarios, your loved one dies, and the family or spouse is left with not only great emotional loss, but found with deep financial debt. Thankfully, there are alternative treatments for dementia that have been found to truly help the illness. Here is a list of some of the most effective.


Acupuncture is an ancient treatment that has originated from China, with the philosophy that energy can be trapped inside of the body and that when the energy is trapped, illnesses and pains can form. This energy is known as chi. this treatment known as acupuncture is said to unblock trapped chi, and thus restore the health in the person. The treatment involves the use of extremely thin needles. Western mental application to this eastern treatment has found physiological changes with this treatment, including a reduction of tension in the muscles. It is this that has led practitioners to try this treatment on those who have dementia, and other mental problems. There have been positive effects with all patients that have used this treatment.


Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses essential oils to heal the ill. These oils are derived from plants, and specific plants are used for specific ailments. These oils can be applied on the skin directly, adding in a bath, or heated in an oil burner that which produces an aroma of that essential oil. All methods have been reported to completely sooth the client. They are most powerful in relaxing those with dementia. Popular oils for dementia patients include lavender oil and lemon balm.

Bright Light

An interesting alternative treatment for dementia is called “Bright Light Therapy”. When someone has dementia, they often have sleep disorders and disruptive behavior during the night. To correct this, patients are to be put in a room with the amount of light 30 times that of a normal office area, for an amount of time. This is support to make sleeping more regular for those who have dementia.


The use of herbs as a way to relax someone is not a new idea; however, it has indeed also found success with dementia patients. Specifically, the use of choto-san, yizhi, ginkgo biloba, and kami-umtan, have been seen to really help the dementia condition.


When a person has been diagnosed with dementia, their bodies can often become tense due to their inability, especially in later stages, to recognize their surroundings. When there is a soft-handed practitioner to ease their bodies, their bodies, and their minds, can relax. This is extremely beneficial.


Music is instrumental to good health, even if you do not have dementia. This is because music is powerful in effecting one’s state of mind. In a dementia patient, these effects are even more necessary. Thus, music is also an alternative treatment for the disease. This treatment often involves playing the music that the client has been known to enjoy for 10-30 minutes.The music can be played whenever the client feels agitated to help them become relaxed once more.

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