Alternative Treatment for Depression

Unfortunately, too many doctors seem quick to prescribe medications for depressed people who may actually need alternative treatments instead. This is because many drugs are unnatural to the body and thus often have many side effects. Alternative treatment, on the other hand, is simpler and more natural, making it easy for one to adjust and on their way back to a healthy mind much quicker.

Even if you are clinically depressed, there are many alternative remedies that will help solve the problem. And because they are more behavior based than comes in the territory of pill popping, you will not be dependent or addicted to them.

Target the Depression

Before you decide that you are indeed depressed, it is best to have some alone time and try to reflect on your feelings, and thoughts. You must figure out why you might be depressed. Any of these may include a break-up with a partner, a death in the family, a career path, or even minor stresses. Once you have targeted this depression, move on to the next step.


Moving your body in general is essential for overall health, but for those who are depressed, it is even more so. Moving your body produces a chemical known as endorphins, which make one happier. It also improves your health, which is bound to make one feel better.


The way people feel about food can trigger many different kinds of depression. We may overeat, under eat, skip meals, or eat the wrong things entirely. All of these can make us unhealthy and have anxiety towards mealtime. It is important to establish a healthy connection to food, eliminate guilt, or emotional placement, and see it as the provider of healthy energy. Make sure to surround yourself with many fruits and vegetables, never skip meals, and eat whenever you are hungry. This way, your body will always be replenished, full of nutrients. Skipping meals especially has been known to activate mood swings, and for those who are depressed, that can send you to a dangerous low. It is best avoid that by making sure you are eating.

Avoid Caffeine

Drinks such as soda and coffee are high in caffeine, which is something that reduces serotonin levels. If your serotonin levels are reduced, that reduces your happiness. If you need a boost of energy, opt for a supplement of L-Tyrosine.

Go Outside

Sometimes, we can board ourselves up too long in our rooms. Going outside not only provides us with a sort of perspective we cannot achieve being surrounded by familiarities, but also with vitamin D, which is necessary for good health.


Clearing your thoughts and trying to become in a more calming state can sometimes be the best medicine. Try to take even 5 minutes a day to do this, and you will see mental improvements.


You do not have to have to pay hundreds of dollars to see a physiatrist. A best friend or caring neighbor can be all that you need. As humans, we tend to feel as if we are alone. Talking to people can remind us that we are not, and that we have more support than we realize.

There are many alternative treatments for depression. A combination of even only a few can really make a difference in your life.

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