Alternative Treatment for Kidney Failure

Our bodies work very hard to digest and make use of the nutrients we give them, but sometimes, waste can build up in the digestive systems, making it very hard for the intestinal regions to work as they do. The kidneys in particular must put out all the stops to clean the body of waste. If the kidneys are put on overhaul time and time again, they can, most unfortunately, begin to fail. There are many toxins that can build up to an unhealthy level. And without the kidneys, and most certainly without a kidney transplant, one cannot live. Thankfully, however, there are ways that you can treat a failing kidney, so that failure is extremely slowed, if not stopped.

Probiotic Microorganisms as an Enteric Kidney Solution

One treatment that is possible for those to try to use when dealing with failing kidneys, or a failing kidney, is with use of probiotic microorganisms. These probiotic microorganisms utilize the toxins that are taking space in the kidneys, such as uric acid, creatinine acid, or urea acid. They consume these acids and toxins as nourishment, which allow these probiotic microorganisms to grow. By doing this, they diffuse the effect that the toxins are having on the kidneys, and when they have multiplied, they concentrate into waste that will empty itself when the person who has failing kidneys goes to the bathroom. They also help with circulation in the area.

The Use of Clay

Using clay is another alternative treatment for failing kidneys. It is commonly used to treat the disease. The clay-based, gentle agent is clay that lowers those who have to deal with kidney failure excessive phosphate levels, which help the kidneys, wash themselves out. Any sort of thing to help failing kidneys not work as hard is very important. Not only does it help them, but also it gives patients more time. If in the case the kidneys still fail, they will need to be on the kidney transplant list. Not having enough time to have one available is not only scary, but also fatal. This is especially in the case where both kidneys are failing, as opposed to just one.

Therapeutic Agents

Therapeutic agents are another great alternative to western medicinal approaches to failing kidneys. This is a treatment that has been used on many patients successfully. These clay minerals have been formed by marine deposits of volcanic debris, and have been aged and determined to be at least 58 million years old. When the minerals were harvested, were refined in the labs to a level that could be taken in by the clients. When used, these therapeutic clay minerals lowered phosphate levels. One of the best things about this alternative method to treating failing kidneys is that they have little to no side-effects. This agent was also successful in the treatment of artificially induced bowel inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease.

Although being diagnosed with kidney failure is an enormously terrifying thing, there are gentle options available to ensure safe and natural kidney aid.

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