Alternative Treatments for Lupus

Lupus-skinThe medical treatments for Lupus have been faced with a number of challenges. For this same reason, it called for various development and discovery of alternative treatments for Lupus. TheseTreatments can either be diets or even some provenalternative medicines.


What is this Lupus? This is an autoimmune disease also commonly referred to as the systemic lupus erythematous, which leads to the inflammation of several parts of the body. From its definition, you can tell that is manipulates your immunity to react against the body tissues and organs. This is a very serious condition which can lead to serious ill health and a contributing factor to dangerous diseases such nephritis and neurological dysfunctions.


The disease commonly affects the main organs, such as the heart and the lungs together with other organs and tissues such as the blood vessels, brain and joints. The list is just endless. These are some, but the few body parts where the disorder sets off inflammations.


Like any other disease, there are also some associated symptoms. The symptom varies as to howsevere themaladyis and which organs areinvolved. The initial symptoms are characterised by some traces of arthritis, some crimson-butterfly-like rashes all over the nose bridge and on the face. As time goes on extracrimson, round, a callous spot that leavescicatricesalso come out.

Lupus_facial_rashThere are also a number ofsignslike when you start feeling that you are weak, elongated and uttermosttire, and sudden weightsheds. An inflammatory disease may occur suddenly with a fever and imitate asharptransmission or it may take placegraduallyfor some months oreven years with exclusiveinstances of severefever and wear down. This might be sorted out as minorsigns when the symptoms are primarily fever, joint pain, rash, headaches, pleurisy, and pericarditis. The only good news is that they are usually chronic with lapses of advancements and failures to maintain higher states. There is a possibility of remission when thesigns starts showing up.

Are you wondering what the real cause of Lupus is? The exact cause has not yet been discovered up to date. This has led to a big challenge when it comes to its control and maintenance. You will also learn that it is not very easy to come up with the relevant preventions as a control measure.

Nevertheless, there is a string conception that some hormonal reactions aggravate it. The commonly associated hormone is the estragon. If you where in any class taking some hormone related units, you will very easy find that women fall at higher risks of suffering from Lupus than men. This disease is also linked to the use of estrogenic medical aids and contraceptive pills.

Although there are some suggested alternative treatments, allopathic alternativemedicine does not believe that there can be a cure for Lupus. Nevertheless, alternative treatments can help in the elimination of the causes and treatment of the body all together. This can even start with variations in diets and going for some appropriate supplements.


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