Osteoporosis Treatments

Osteoporosis TreatmentsFight Osteoporosis with Alternative Medicine

Are you close to middle-age? Then, you may be concerned about the risk or have already seen symptoms of osteoporosis; the thinning and weakening of bones, which can cause broken bones, fractures on hips, wrist, spine and the like. According to the National Institute of Health or NIH, there are as many as 34 million elderly Americans, over the age of 50, suffering from the Osteoporosis today.  And take note, this is not to mention those 18 million people who are just at risk.

Though it is widely accepted to be a common disease of the elderly, still a lot of women are afraid of having this when they reach the age of 50. But don’t you know that one can prevent or fight it through the alternative way, without expensive drug therapies, surgeries and those other procedures. Here are some reliable alternative treatments for osteoporosis.

Herbal Alternative Treatments for Osteoporosis

When it comes to the best Osteoporosis alternative treatments, it is undeniable that herbs can never be disregarded on the list. There are some herbal medicines proven to be reliable when it comes to treating this kind of disease as they are believed to contain essential vitamins responsible for providing dietary calcium, increasing ones hormone level and regulating the body’s calcium use.

Example of herbal alternatives good for fighting osteoporosis are horsetail which aids the body’s calcium absorption  oatstraw, false unicorn root which can stimulate your ovaries black cohosh, comfrey, and wild yam which are all known as phytoestrogens. The horsetail herb is dried and powdered and can be taken as tea, tincture or capsule.

Recently, Peptide treatments have shown strong results for fighting Osteoporosis. These peptide based cell therapies will target pacific damaged cell and regenerate them faster. The great thing is the peptide compounds are all natural substances, created in labs using extracts of animal and plant proteins. The peptide treatments are 100% safe and are one of the few recommended bio-medications for cell nutrition and regeneration. The peptide treatments are typically administered weekly, for 1-6 months, which allows the peptides to target and progressively induce the repair and normalization of your cell cycle, regenerating organs or damaged cells faster.

Most peptide based compounds are not approved by the FDA in the U.S. However, many major universities are quickly producing amazing developments. You can still receive peptide cell treatments from Cell Therapy labs outside of the U.S. Most reputable clinics include their peptide lab within the facility and provide quality medical treatments on par, or better then most public facilities in the United States. See Alternative Treatment’s Peptide Therapy Recommendation Here.

Nutritional Alternatives

Consuming adequate amounts of nutrients in the body is also another key alternative treatment for osteoporosis. Remember, your bone needs specific vitamins in order to keep them healthy throughout all stages in life. On top of these vitamins and minerals is calcium. As we all know, calcium helps the body in building the bones and making them strong. It is recommended to get at least 500 to 700 mg of calcium in your everyday diet.

Vitamin K has been proven to be one great contributing factor to bone metabolism, which is why it is included on the list of reliable alternative treatments. How true is this? Studies have shown that patients who are taking Vitamin K and vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption and healthy skeleton, had experienced less bone loss compared to those who have taken vitamin D alone or with no or less vitamin K. Among the other vitamins and minerals found necessary for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis are phosphorous, boron, manganese, copper, folate, vitamin B6 and B12, and magnesium.

It is also good to know that eating green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils is a big help, too. Such vegetable and oils like canola oil and soybean oil are packed with vitamin K1 and K2, which are known to be the best in improving bone mineral density.

There are many alternative treatments for osteoporosis today. And the good news is, they arent just myths. They can really aid you in getting osteoporosis out of your life. Just make sure you get not only one alternative treatment but you get them all balanced and you couple them up with exercise.

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